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Shayden Eagleheart

Greg Reeder / Western Development Manager
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). MAF Business Club
Thank you for all that you did.

You answered some tougher questions with such grace and knowledge. I am so glad you were the guest speaker for the first Biz club out west. You made it so much fun!

Have a great day.
Wen Wen Shan
Hi Anna,

Thank you for helping us out yesterday. We ended up going to qualicum and making it back in time ?, and fueling up at CZBB worked very smoothly.

When I was first looking into flight schools, my former colleague actually emailed me your profile, as he was super impressed by your acrobatics! I ended up going to boundary bay, but it was a pleasure to meet you on Sunday.

You probably have seen vancouver a million times from the air, but here is a photo I took on our way back. The beauty of British Columbia never ceases to amaze me!

Wanted to express our gratitude for make our trip to qualicum a success yesterday. And also wanted to let you know that I think you are super bad ass ???

Wen Wen Shan
Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so
convincing that I never stop myself to say something about
it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.
Dr. Fred and Carol Dowe
Dear Anna,
We were delighted to meet you at our local Qualicum Beach Air Show!
We were the senior couple that lingered at the end as you spoke with the little ones encouraging them, and spoke with you about how much we enjoyed your performance...wearing straw hats.
We must tell you, as the music to Ave Maria was playing during your performance, the crowd was hushed! It was beautiful, as you looped and did all your aerobatics. What a gal you are!
We learned you are Ukrainian, and I am Czech, so we come from the same continent!
Warmest regards to an incredible lady!
Paul Connor
Hi Anna,
On behalf of myself and the Qualicum Beach Airshow 2017 Committee I would like to thank you for appearing in our show.

While I am sure you have heard this before, your flying style coupled with the classical music captured the spectator’s attention. I have received comments from several members of our Organization indicating that “everybody’s eyes were on Anna” during your show.

While the flying is certainly a major attraction at airshows, the interaction of the performers with the spectators is just as important. In this regard you exceeded all expectations, thank you.

You can be sure we will be looking at inviting you back at our next airshow in 2019.

All the very best,

Monty Burich
CAP Cadets
What an amazing pilot! When you see what Anna can do with what appears to be a simple private plane with make you rethink flying. Her graceful handling of the controls actually do make the aircraft dance gently, yet the maneuvers leave you gasping as she pushes the plane over into a dive or rolls her gently over the top! What a great performance! We were able to catch her after her show for a few minutes and she shared some great inspiration with our CAP cadets! Small gestures like this really make her standout amongst we her peers! We look forward to see you again Anna! Thank you for the memorable Air Show Entertainment... Now how do I sign up to learn how to fly like that???
David White
Air Boss
I have worked with Anna as an air boss. I found her to be very easy to work with, cooperative and helpful. She spends the weekend as a full time member of the show team doing whatever is possible to improve the shows profile.
Her performance is different from anything else in the business right now. It is very smooth poetic, almost has a peaceful feel to it. Great energy management with great music. Definitely a great addition to any show.
Herb Gillen

Brandy Robertson
Airshow Spectator
My son and daughter (to the left of the photo) and daughter's friend (in the blue shirt) enjoyed your show at the Maine airshow! Your song was as beautiful as your aerobatics! Thank you for taking the time to meet them, answer questions and sign autographs!

Matt Boehnke
Thank you so much for the support in making this year’s TriCities Water Follies Air Show a huge success. Without you answering questions and clarifying any issues that came up, coordinating support from start to finish, assisted us in making this a great event. On behalf of the TriCities Water Follies Board of Directors, I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this event. Having the Super Decathlon and you at the wheel was a tremendous success and was the highlight of the Air Show from feedback we received from all the fans. The news team is still talking about how she got to fly in an airplane. Thank you!!
Tim Lo Dolce
I have known Anna Serbinenko for the past three years. As an air show organizer and chairman it is my duty to seek out up and coming talent that could handle the high density altitude conditions present at our air show (8300 ASL on most days during early July here at North Lake Tahoe). Anna and I spoke about the possibility of flying our show and what she needed to put under her belt for my show to hire her to perform in such demanding conditions and Anna answered the call. Over the next couple of years she flew several mountain air shows to gain the experience necessary to fly a show like ours safely.
On July 11th 2015 the Sky Dancer aka Anna Serbinenko flew our show at exactly the density altitudes we knew to expect and performed flawlessly. The crowd response to her performance was more than positive on all counts but especially the children who selected her individual performance as the one that impressed them the most.
To all giving Anna any thought about hiring her for their show you need not fret...this gal can get the job done and always with a smile and unconditional enthusiasm to go the extra mile to help the event. Bottom line would I hire Anna again?...you bet I would and will.
Tim LoDolce, Chairman
Truckee Tahoe AirShow & Family Festival
Kirby Pearce
Airshow Spectator
Seeing your performance at the Truckee Airshow this past weekend (7-11-15) was so inspiring. I don't know that I've ever seen something so beautiful and graceful. Your story and performance make me want to chase my own dreams!
Evan Peers
Thanks. I was mesmerized by your performance, too. I've seen dozens of decathlons in IAC Contests, but none of them -Dance- like you do. Well done.
Barry Hancock
Airshow Performer
Met Anna this weekend. Definitely good for our industry...keep up the good work, Anna!
Case Grypma

Chris Chapman
Keep going Anna, you'll get there, I've been to many,many airshows in my life and as I hopefully have told you your flying is some of the smoothest I've seen, and that's no bull. Sometimes these old guys need a kick in the pants, and realize that women are as good if not better at this aerobatics stuff.
Teri Thorning

Norm Sherry
Student and Airshow Spectator
Hey there Sky Dancer, really enjoyed your show last week! You rocked! I was telling my friends, "Hey I know her! that's my instructor!" :)
Rene Bourdin
Airshow Spectator
Excellent show on Sunday the 20th July 2014. Thanks very much for your entertainment. Hope to see you fly next year. Merci merci
Teena Janson Della
Pitt Meadows Airshow
Hi Anna! It was so wonderful getting to know you this weekend! You are such a sweet person, I don't want to wait until next year's airshow to see you again!
Ryan Abel
Student and Airshow Spectator
Hi Anna,

I just wanted to say that I had the best time of my life starting my aerobatics training with you last week! You are a fantastic instructor and a passionate aviator, and it really shines through in your enthusiasm to pass on this incredible skill, which really is an art! I also really appreciated your encouraging attitude (I will get those 4-point rolls eventually! :-p). I have an entire new appreciation for what an aerobatics pilot goes through, and I can't wait to get back in the sky with you soon!

Safe flying and all the best!!!

Until next time,

Ryan Abel
Stephen Teatro

George Wang
Airshow Spectator
Dear Anna,
It was my (and rest of the audience I am sure) honor to witness your graceful performance aboard Super Decathlon this past weekend.
You are like a heavenly ballerina just absolutely graceful and beautiful to watch!
You were even kind enough to let me have a picture taken with you :) I appreciate your friendliness and humility very much and can't wait to watch you perform live again next year here in Olympia.
God bless!
George Wang
Airshow Spectator
Dear Anna!
My name is Ischa, I'm 22 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
I found your videos here on YouTube and I also found your website. I'm really impressed by your "Sky Dancing"! It looks so incredible!
It's actually too bad that we don't live closer to each other! I would've so loved to join you on a aerobatic flight... :'(
Anyways: I wish you safe flying!! :D
High five!
Nino from Bern
Airshow Spectator
Dear Anna, you are amazing! I was enjoying watching you "Sky Dancing" very much! Stay cool!
Kisses and hugs,
Airshow Spectator
She did a great job flying at the show. Keep it up Anna! Look forward to seeing more shows in the future! I love the color scheme on the plane and got some good shots of it friday afternoon.
Llew Roberts
Hi Anna,

It was nice to see you at the Skagit Flight Fest after meeting you at Olympia this year. It was great to see you perform again.

I didn’t get a chance to say hello in person so I just wanted to say Hi in email.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Llew Roberts
Bud Granley
Hi Anna

Great job at Skagit today.

I watched you from my Yak at the end of runway 29. Just got a call from Will Allen. He liked your work also.

Best to you, Bud (Granley)
Wayne Doerksen

Peter Lahmann
Airshow Spectator
Bonjour Anna,

Your program during the airshow was very interesting. It was graceful and poetic. It made me think of a Ballerina of the sky. Well done, thank you very much.

Take care,
Peter Lahmann
We saw your performance at boundary bay this year and absolutely loved it and your choice of music! Thank you so much!
Andre Placsko
Airshow Spectator
We saw here performance today. Very elegant and graceful performance as she danced through the sky. Great Job