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Aviation brings people together. In 2017, when Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday, aviation unites the country by bringing the technology and inspiration of airshows to the most remote areas of the country - where people have never seen anything like this in their lives. With 97 airshows North of the 60th parallel, EVERYBODY will have a chance to celebrate Canada's 150. Official website: This is a blog of Anna Serbinenko, the only Canadian female aerobatic performer, embarking on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.
Three years later. I have travelled, explored, discovered, dared, fell down, got up, did it again, achieved, conquered, enjoyed, loved, remembered, lived... So many experiences are just too grand to keep them to yourself. So i decided to revive and keep up this blog with sporadic postings. Subscribe to get notified about the new articles!

Day 100 - The Looks are Deceiving

Women are traditionally seen as “weak” and “fragile”. The last 100 days in Ukraine have shown that we are also strong, resilient, courageous and can take “whatever-it-takes” to the next level. I want the stories of these women to be known. I want the world to see that it’s not just an abstract “people”, but that behind each story there’s a beautiful and powerful little princess or queen.

Women on the front lines.

Traditionally in Eastern European countries women are rarely joining the army. But it’s a different story when it comes to standing up to defend our home, our families, our parents and children.

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A former model joined the army.


This graphic designer decided to join the army 2 years ago, because wasn’t liking where russia was going with their politics.

A hero defender of Azovstal in Mariupol was a “normal” girl before the war

Women who are POW-survivors, returned to Ukraine

There’s the first female commander at sea.


And even those who became fiancées, wifes and sometimes widows – an entire lifetime within all of a few days or weeks.


And even foreign volunteers include women – a Swedish Member of Parliament is putting her medical skills to work on the front lines in Ukraine.

And many more:





Women activists


Many girls and women stood up and supported Ukraine where they were, however they could:

A young girl collecting donations for cavlar vests for the defenders.


Those who came out to protest in their countries and support Ukraine

And even Spanish royalty was sending food and personal note of encouragement to the Ukrainian defenders.

Women everywhere

And often it takes as much courage and determination to even just keep living a “normal” life.


Women giving birth under Russian bombs

Looking after newborns in bomb shelters for months! (This scene was replicated on a painting in one of the Italian churches).

Fleeing to the safety of nowhere, leaving your life behind, to protect your children

Even “bomb-shelter-schooling”!

Or baking Paskhas for Easter, even if the stove is the only thing left of your house.

And sometimes…. Even give life another chance, like this military nurse who lost both legs on a russian landmine in Eastern Ukraine, survived, got evacuated, and got married even before being dismissed from the rehab centre.





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I am so proud of my people. I am so particularly proud of the incredible brave women of Ukraine.


Slava Ukraini!


Day 41 - They Are All Already Angels